About Us

The idea for this documentary came from the audiovisual cooperative La Antena, from Spain. We produce videos that contribute to an informed, critical and participatory society. One example is the online channel Attac.tv, which since 2008 broadcasts interviews and reports that analyse current themes in a way most mass media fails to do. The reason the majority of these issues are rejected by the mass media is simple: they contradict a monopolistic view of reality and raise important questions about the established power structure, which the conventional media belongs to.

La Antena is made up of professionals in the audio-visual, communication, economics and journalism sectors that believe in the possibility of building a fairer world. In other words, we are aware that there are viable alternatives to the neoliberal model. This means that we refuse the rules that a neoliberal ideology would impose on us as the only viable possibility. We need a paradigm shift.

Below are examples of events we have covered:

  •          World Social Forum (2010)
  •          Summer University of Attac Europe (2011);
  •          Alternative World Water Forum (2012)
  •          Peoples Summit (2012)
  •          Summer University of Attac France (2012).

In addition, since 2008 we have been produce short feature presentations on social and economic issues for organisations from various European countries. Videos, for instance, on gender equality (Invisibles), private and public debt (Financial Casino), food sovereignty (The missing option) and commodifying nature (The kidnapping of nature by financial markets)

We are now moving into the documentary format so we can show the aims and aspirations of a group of people working within the movement for the Economy of the Common Good, so we can make a film that shows viable alternatives do exist

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