The starting point

Christian Felber, author of the Economics of the Common Good

Let's first go back in time and start from the beginning. In August 2011, an AttacTV team went to Freiburg to produce a series of interviews during the Academy of the Attac European network. We did many stunning interviews but one of them was special. It was not an interview in which the speaker shared views on the economy, politics, etc. Instead, it was a person which led us to explore a new economic model, an alternative to the capitalist and planified economies. It was an historic moment. The dilemma was almost solved and yet, we had never heard about it before.

Despite its 'buts" and unsolved questions, the proposal was far from disappointing. As we did with all others, we uploaded this interview on AttacTV and we soon received an outburst of e-mails and comments from people debating and willing to learn more on the Economy of the Common Good. The video appeared in hundreds of websites and very soon, the number of visits reached thousands.

We decided to go further and we found out it was more than just a mere proposal: the process was encompassing many people and numerous companies. Going deeper, we discovered stories of people living the change. Those stories gave us inspiration and, as we thought they could inspire other people, we decided to make a movie.

This is how the exploration began.


Susan George and Christian FGelber forum on democracy / ENA 2011 (European Network Academy 2011 - Attac)

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